Showers are some of the hardest areas to keep stone and tiles clean. The chemical exposure from soaps, body washes, shampoos, and cleaning chemicals makes this a tricky area, so it is important to consider the best ways to clean stone showers while avoiding damage and correctly maintaining the stone.


For best results when cleaning stone showers, rinse after use with your shower rose, and squeegee blade or towel dry. In the same way limescale forms on your shower glass, it can also form on your tiles, and by removing the water and chemical residue you will keep the stone (and glass) in best possible condition.

Clean with appropriate products

Once a week wipe down the shower box with a microfibre cloth. Microfibre products are safe to use for cleaning stone showers (and all other tiled surfaces), and are designed to remove soap scum and body oils. You should only use a chemical along with your microfibre if it specifically states that it is safe to use on your surface type.

Deal with mould immediately

If you notice mould growth starting in grout joints, use a microfibre sponge to safely remove mould. Remember that any mould-removing cleaning product might be safe for the grout, but may not be safe for the surrounding tiles! If the silicon is mouldy it will need to be replaced.