Stone benchtops are stunning, hardwearing surfaces that are a feature of any kitchen.

However, these surfaces are not invincible and a solid whack with a glass or pot on the side of a bench can chip the stone. Movement or stress can also cause fine cracking on bench tops, which leaves a visible line. This damage creates a very unhygienic area that can catch bacteria and grime.

Slique’s benchtop repairs can’t ‘fix’ the damage, but we can disguise it so that it’s no longer noticeable. 

Many types of repairs are able to be undertaken on natural stone and composite stone benchtops, including filling chips and dents, repairing cracks and providing structural reinforcement, and removal of marks caused by heat damage.

All of our benchtop repairs cure in minutes, so you’ll have your kitchen back in no time!

Benchtop repairs for chips and dents

Small chips on edges and corners can generally be filled using colour-matched UV Cured epoxy filler.

Large chips (>5mm across) are more difficult to repair and conceal, so in most cases the repair may still be noticeable.

Repairs are classified as invisible when they cannot be easily detected at a distance of 1m when viewed in natural light.

While we can never guarantee an invisible result, the repair will be flush, the right shape (even on the edge), the right texture / shine, and food safe.

benchtop repairs, repair stone benchtop, repair granite benchtop
This stone benchtop has a large chip on the edge
benchtop repairs, repair stone benchtop, repair granite benchtop
After benchtop repairs the chip can’t be seen

Cracked benchtop repairs

Open cracks can often be cleaned out and filled with clear filler, as the most cost-effective solution. This penetrates into the crack and cures quickly. Once cured it can be sanded flush and polished to match into the natural shine of the benchtop.

This benchtop repair will not be invisible, but does provide a food safe result.

In instances where the crack is the symptom of a structural issue sometimes the bench must be re-enforced underneath before the filling takes place.

If cracks are too fine to allow filler to bond we can seal the crack with a special product to stop moisture ingress through the void.

benchtop repairs, repair stone benchtop, repair granite benchtop, repair cracked benchtop, repair benchtop crack
The crack in this benchtop measures about 12cm long
benchtop repairs, repair stone benchtop, repair granite benchtop
After repair, the crack is virtually invisible

Benchtop Protection against stains and etching

Once your benchtop has been restored, we can treat it so that it stays looking good.

Slique are pleased to be a professional applicator of the More AntiEtch benchtop protection system, which will stop etching and staining on your benchtop for 10 years. This fantastic treatment can be applied to marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete benchtops, and is completely food-safe.