Ugly stains can completely ruin your beautiful stone or tile surface. Stain Removal can get rid of the blemishes and make your surface a feature again.

If your surface is absorbent and the spill is left to sit it can sometimes penetrate deep into the stone. It then becomes hard for normal cleaning agents to remove, requiring specialist stained removal treatments.

Deep staining is especially problematic in surfaces that have not been sealed. Although sealers cannot stop all staining, they help prevent stains penetrating too far which makes it significantly easier to remove.

Slique can remove most stains from stone and tile surfaces. If our best cleaning products cannot penetrate deeply enough to draw the stain out we can apply a poultice. Poultices are drawing agents left to sit for a period of time on the stain. It draws the deeper stains to the surface, so they can then be removed with traditional cleaning methods.

Once the stain is removed we suggest the stone is sealed to reduce the chance of future issues. 

Staining can be consistent and even across an entire tiled surface
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Staining can be in an isolated area, commonly caused by spills

Sealing to prevent future staining

If a surface is not sealed, there is a risk of a stain penetrating deeply enough that it cannot be removed. We have tested graffiti staining with indelible ink on unsealed sandstone and in one case the ink penetrated more than halfway through the depth of the tile. There is no way a stain this deep could be removed, which shows the importance of a good quality sealer.

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