Slippery tiles are a major hazard to any home or workplace. The tiles may have become slippery over time, or perhaps the wrong type of tile was used in the wrong location, but either way a non-slip solution is critical to get this issue under control.

Slique have a number of non-slip solutions available:


This process uses a special acid to ‘etch’ into the surface of the tile, creating a fine texture that reduces slip. The amount of texture and slip resistance can be adjusted by lengthening the treatment times. This non-slip treatment is not suitable for all tile types but we are happy to confirm if this option would be suitable for your situation. 

Anti-Slip Tile Coatings

These are very hard, very thin coatings that are applied to the surface of the tiles with a fine glass bead. The bead creates slip resistance. This system is guaranteed to exceed the requirement of a wet slip test, so is perfect for commercial premises. This treatment can be applied to any surface.

Specialist cleaning

Occasionally the slip issue is caused by external factors such as chemical residue, mould, or oil on the surface. In this is the case the tiles can simply be cleaned to return them to their naturally non-slip state.