Removing old coatings

Applying a coating to your surface is a great step to protect it, but these coatings also need to be maintained to keep them working effectively for as long as possible. And (like anything) they will eventually reach the end of their practical life.

As old coatings deteriorate, they may start to discolour, crack, or peel. In some cases, they can make the surface look terrible – like a plastic film is covering the floor.

Removing sealers

Sealers don’t visibly age in the same way that coatings do, but there are sometimes occasions when you need a sealer removed – for example, the sealer may have been laid without the floor being cleaned properly first, trapping dirt and discolouration underneath. Or perhaps the sealer wasn’t applied properly and you can see sealer lines, when it’s meant to be an invisible treatment – as you can see in this photo.


Stripping can remove these eyesores

Slique can use a stone stripping process to remove old coatings, waxes and polishes, exposing the natural stone beneath. This process is customised to your circumstance, as sealers and coatings can be quite difficult to remove effectively. A solution will be tailor-made to your surface, coating type and location.

We then can assist you to protect the stone again with our range of protective treatments.

sealer marks, stone sealer, tile sealer
Sealer marks are visible on the left-hand side of these tiles.