Treatments for Every Surface, Every Where

There are countless kinds of stone and tiles, with an endless range of potential problems. Slique are the experts in stone and tile care, and our wide range of services is designed to cover every possible need.

Slique’s main services can be grouped into categories:

  • restoration services to reverse any damage and return your surface to its original condition;
  • tile and grout cleaning services for those areas that are dirty (but not damaged) to get your surfaces pristine;
  • and protective sealers and polishing to keep them that way for longer.

Slique’s specialist stone and tile restoration services are designed to reverse any damage that’s been caused to your surface, winding back the clock and returning your stone, tiles or benchtop to its original condition.

Benchtop Repairs

  • Repair chips and dents
  • Repair cracks
  • Protect against etching and staining

Efflorescence Removal

  • Remove white and yellow crusts
  • Remove build-up
  • Prevent recurrence

Non-Slip Treatments

  • Reduce slipperiness
  • Improve safety
  • Safe for use in wet areas

Gleam Restoration

  • Restore gloss and shine
  • Recover acid damage
  • Restore showroom finish

Slique’s tile cleaning services for dirty stone, tiles and grout are designed to restore your surface to a pristine condition. We’ll also give you advice on how to keep it looking that way.

General Cleaning

  • Clean dirty stone, tiles and grout
  • Remove mould and algae
  • Eliminate grout haze

Stain Removal

  • Remove stains from food and drinks
  • Extract deep-seated oil stains
  • Remove rust and other marks

Removal of Coatings

  • Remove old damaged coatings
  • Get rid of sealer marks
  • Strip off old floor polishes

Slique’s range of protective treatments, sealers and coatings will ensure your surface stays looking its best for as long as possible, as well as making it much easier for you to maintain. 

Invisible Sealing

  • Invisible level of protection
  • Makes your surface less absorbent
  • Less likely to stain
  • Easier to keep clean

Wet-Look Sealing

  • Enhanced ‘wet look’ finish
  • Darkens natural colour by 2-3 shades
  • Protects against water and staining
  • Easier to keep clean

Polishes and Coatings

  • Fully isolate the surface from damage
  • Invisible, matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss
  • Ultimate level of protection
  • Fully maintainable

Benchtop AntiEtch

  • Stops etching and staining
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Safe for food-prep surfaces
  • Use on marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete