Stone or composite benchtops, splashbacks, and vanities can be amazing features in your home, adding colour, texture, and flair as showpieces. However stone and composite materials can often mark, dull, chip, and etch leaving a patchy inconsistent finish.

This guide to cleaning stone benchtops will help to keep the stone in best condition.


Wipe down with a microfibre cloth and neutral pH cleaner. This will remove surface residues and leave a streak free finish. You can buy microfibre clothes and neutral pH cleaners from our webstore

Maintain the sealer

If you have had a sealer applied, you may have been provided with a recommended maintenance product that can maintain the sealer. Generally these should be applied once a week to remove harder residues and provide the best protection for the top.

Be cautious with what you keep on the bench

If you have a marble, limestone, or other acid-sensitive material we also recommend not storing soaps, toothpaste, deodorants etc directly on the stone, as direct contact causes the worst kind of damage. Instead, purchase a nice glass or porcelain tray to place items on.