External areas are much harder to keep dry and clean than internal environments. Textured tiles are often used outdoors to reduce slip, but they tend to grip dirt and grime more readily. This means that when cleaning pavers you often need more abrasion to remove the dirt.

For best results when cleaning pavers, it’s important to maintain regularly to control mould, algae, and staining. We suggest absorbent surfaces are sealed for best results.


In areas with lots of organic material that stains (such as pohutakawa berries), hose and broom off weekly. This is really all you need to do for cleaning pavers! The following items are ‘as required’ steps.

Use a mould inhibitor

Use bio-cides (mould inhibitors) such as Wet & Forget or Lithofin’s Algex on absorbent stone that has mould and algae growth issues.

As always follow the directions on the bottle, but for best results apply at the start of winter.

Slique can provide mould removal, sealing, and bio-cide applications if required – cleaning pavers and making them easier to maintain in the future. Contact us for details.

Remove staining

When required remove staining and contamination with a high alkaline cleaner appropriately diluted. This can generally be mixed in a bucket and scrubbed with a broom which will remove bird poo, staining, mud, and other contamination.

This should only be used when required as the stronger chemical can start to reduce the lift of any sealer application.