Natural stone patio area with comfortable seating looking out to the garden

Kiwis love our outdoor living. There’s nothing better than lounging in a gorgeous patio on a summer’s day.

Patios, paths and even driveways have unique issues. If they’re too slippery they are dangerous, but if they’re too textured they become difficult to clean. 

Overhanging plants drop leaves which can stain. If there are areas where excess water sits on the surface it can cause mould and algae growth.

Occasionally we see unsightly white or yellow crusts, called efflorescence. This is caused by moisture getting behind the tile and bringing out mineral deposits onto the surface.

Even our outdoor furniture can ‘bleed’ and stain, or leave rust marks.

The good news is that Slique treatments can not only fix all of these issues but also help to keep your outdoor living area looking its best all year long.

Solutions for Outdoor Living Areas: