Absorbent surfaces soak up water and stains

If your surface soaks up water and takes some time to dry, it is almost certainly porous.

Marble, granite, limestone, basalt – these words are synonymous with quality, hardness, and timelessness, but the reality is that natural materials are absorbent and can stain.

An investment in stone deserves to be properly protected against staining, as if it is not damage can sometimes be impossible to repair.

Even in ceramic installations where the tile is not porous, the grout will be absorbent and can stain and discolour. 

Slique can remove any existing contamination and apply a penetrating sealer to reduce the absorbency of the grout. We will apply the right sealer for your surface, teach you how to maintain it, and help you when required if there are any future problems.


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The left hand side of this surface is natural; the right hand side has had a water-repellent sealer applied.