A flood or fire is a catastrophic event that can create serious damage to stone, tile, and blockwork. Slique have substantial experience in fire and flood recovery and can often restore surfaces that would have otherwise had to have been replaced.

Fire damage

Fires have the obvious issue of heat which can physically damage stone, but often it is the smoke, soot, and hydrocarbons that cause staining.

Slique have a range of chemical treatments to remove staining and contamination caused by fires to return tiled surfaces, stone and grout back to a pristine condition.

Flood damage

Flood damage can create issues with grout, glue, and stone – especially on moisture-sensitive surfaces like limestone which can release salts and move solids through the stone from a flood. The surface initially needs to be dried properly, ideally through fans and dehumidifiers. This drying process can take quite a long time, but it is important the floor is dry before the restoration process begins.

Slique have recovered many flood-damaged floors that otherwise would have had to have been replaced.

Fire damaged marble tabletop