Grout Sealing to help keep grout clean and dry

Even if your tiles aren’t absorbent, the grout joints around them are. The majority of grout is made from cement, which is very porous, so it soaks up water and stains easily. Grout Sealing will make it less absorbent, less likely to stain, and much easier to keep clean.

Stained and discoloured grout can give a very patchy and dirty appearance to a floor, so Slique can remove contamination from grout joints before any grout sealing process is completed.

Invisible grout sealing

Penetrating sealers soak into the grout and reduce absorbency without changing the colour. This reduces mould growth, stops spills from instantly staining, and makes dirt and grime easier to remove in the future. It is still suggested the cleaning process is changed to our suggested techniques (read our Tile Cleaning Advice here) to avoid the normal problems created by poor cleaning processes.

Grout sealing and recolouring

If grout is especially old and dirty and cannot be cleaned, or if you would like to change the colour of the existing grout without replacing it, a grout recolouring treatment is the best solution. This is an epoxy based material that bonds to the surface of the grout and comes in a range of colours. Once bonded it provides a very smooth, very water / stain resistant surface that mirrors the benefits of an epoxy grout but can be applied after installation. As this sits on the surface of the grout it can physically wear given enough pressure over time, but touch ups can easily be applied by the home or business owner when required.

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