Dirty Tiles, Sticky Tiles, Hard-to-Clean Tiles…

dirty tiles, hard to clean tiles

Dirty tiles caused by poor cleaning are obvious when the sections that are being cleaned are dirtier than the hidden sections

There is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful selection of tiles or stone installed in your home and discovering that the tiles are very difficult to keep clean.

Our expectation with a tiled floor is that it is beautiful, hard wearing, long lasting, and easy to keep clean. While different stone and tile types have different characteristics that can change how they need to maintained, there are a number of external factors that could be making your surface hard to keep clean.

Whatever is causing your dirty tiles, Slique will be able to diagnose it and fix the problem, returning the surface to a pristine state that is able to be easily cleaned over time.

Dirty tiles, tile cleaning

The central tile has been cleaned, showing just how dirty this tiled floor is

Dirty Tiles, tile cleaning in progress

Tile cleaning in progress on some extremely dirty tiles in a living area


dirty tiles, dirty terracotta, before tile cleaning

Dirty terracotta tiles before tile cleaning


dirty tiles, dirty terracotta, after tile cleaning

After tile cleaning, the terracotta looks fresh and clean

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