Your tiles can look new again with Slique’s Tile and Grout Cleaning services

Do you have dirty tiles or dirty grout? Stained stone? Mould or algae growing on your patio? Slique can help. Our Tile and Grout Cleaning services will get your tiles or stone looking like new.

Tile and Grout Cleaning services include:

Tile Cleaning

There are many reasons why tiles get dirty. Grout haze or chemical residue could be sitting on the surface, collecting dirt and grime. Textured tiles especially tend to get dirt embedded into the texture, making them very hard to clean. Even using the wrong cleaning products could actually be making the tiles dirtier (don’t worry, we’ll tell you the best and EASIEST way to keep your tiles clean once we’ve got them looking pristine!)

Tile Cleaning is a specialist deep-cleaning service that will remove all dirt, light stains, and grime from your tiles to make them look like new again. For fantastically clean tiles, read more about Tile Cleaning services or Contact Us to Book a Free Quote.

Stone Cleaning

Stone is a beautiful, enduring choice for a number of purposes in a home or office building. Different types of stone have different Stone Cleaning requirements. For example, porous stone (such as sandstone or limestone) in an external environment will be prone to mould and algae growth, especially over the colder winter months. Stone benchtops are exposed to spills and staining; while stone showers can experience a build-up of shampoo, bodywash or cleaning products.

Stone Cleaning involves an intensive stone cleaning process whereby contaminants are removed from deep within the stone, leaving it pristinely clean. If you have a stone surface, you might want to read more about Stone Cleaning services or Contact Us to Book a Free Quote.

Grout Cleaning

Dirty grout makes such an enormous difference to the appearance of a surface! The tiles or stone might be clean, but if the grout is dirty, the whole area will look grubby and dirty. Grout is usually the most porous part of a stone or tile area, as most grout is made from sand and cement. This means it soaks up a lot of water, and unless it can dry completely (which is hard when you’re wedged between tiles!) it will discolour over time.

Grout Cleaning gets rid of all the dirty, grimy contaminants that are making the grout look grubby, which in turn will make the whole surface look great. If grout isn’t waterproofed, grout cleaning will be required on a regular basis, so Slique recommends that you also consider either sealing the grout (to make it water resistant) or choosing our highly protective grout coating service which not only makes the grout completely waterproof, it also allows you to freshen up or even change the colour of the grout if you wish. Read more about Grout Cleaning services or Contact Us to Book a Free Quote.

Stained Tiles Cleaning

Stained Tiles Cleaning varies from our standard Tile Cleaning service when there is a specific problem area, or a particularly bad stain that needs to be cleaned. This might be oil stains on grout, food or drink stains on stone, or rust marks on tiles. Whatever the stain, chances are we’ll be able to remove it, or at the very least make it look a great deal better. Stained Tiles cleaning is an isolated treatment that penetrates deep into the stone or tiles and pulls the stain to the surface, so it can be more easily cleaned away.

Stained Tiles Cleaning is usually recommended along with our full Tile Cleaning service, so the entire surface is left looking great. Read more about Stained Tiles Cleaning services or Contact Us to Book a Free Quote.

Stripping Stone

Stripping Stone is necessary when old coatings are on the stone. If not maintained properly, coatings will deteriorate over time, and they may start to discolour, crack, or peel. In some cases they can make the surface look terrible, like a plastic film all over the floor.

Stripping Stone removes old coatings, waxes and polishes leaving the natural stone beneath. Slique then has services to protect the stone again, with a range of aesthetic options available. Read more about Stripping Stone services or Contact Us to Book a Free Quote.

For a free Tile and Grout Cleaning consultation and quote, contact your local Slique branch

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