Sealing Porous Stone and Tiles

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The left-hand side of this porous stone is natural, while the right-hand side has been sealed to make it less porous

Sealing Porous Stone

Marble, granite, limestone, basalt – these words are synonymous with quality, hardness, and timelessness, but the reality is that natural materials are absorbent and can stain.

An investment in stone deserves to be properly protected against staining, as if it is not damage can sometimes be impossible to repair.

Slique specialise in protecting stone, we will apply the right sealer for your stone, teach you how to maintain the stone (link to care guidelines), and help you when required if there are any future problems.

Sealing Grout

Even in ceramic installations where the tile itself has an unabsorbent glaze, unless epoxy grout is used the grout will be absorbent and can stain and discolour. Slique can remove any existing contamination and apply a penetrating sealer to reduce the absorbency of the grout.

Sealing Porous Tiles (such as Porcelain)

There is a huge range of porcelain now imported into New Zealand. Traditional powerhouses of Italy and Spain are now joined by major manufacturers from China and other Asian countries. There unfortunately are no guidelines around the quality of clay used in porcelain, or quality control in the manufacturing process, meaning that while the cost of porcelain has reduced unfortunately the quality has also declined.

Traditionally porcelain did not need to be sealed due to its extremely low absorption rate, but we are now seeing porcelain tiles that can benefit greatly from a sealer. If you are having issues keeping your porcelain tile clean we suggest you contact us to review and test if a sealer could help.

Polished porcelain is ground during its manufacture to create the high level of shine. This process does not alter the porosity of the material, but does open a micro pore in the tiles surface that can often lead to staining. There are specific sealers designed to seal these pores and make polished porcelain much easier to keep clean.

Whatever your surface is, if it is absorbent we will have a sealing product right for the situation.

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