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dirty tiles, hard to clean tiles

Dirty Tiles (hard to get clean, hard to keep clean)

damaged tiles, used the wrong cleaning product

Used the wrong cleaning product and caused damage

sealing porous tiles, sealing tiles, sealing stone

Porous tiles and stone soak up water and stains

grout cleaning, dirty grout

Dirty grout

marble polishing, marble restoration, marble cleaning

Dullness and loss of shine on a normally glossy surface

etch marks, marble damage, marble restoration

Etch marks (dull rings or spots) from acid damage

fire damage, damaged stone

Fire or flood damage

grout haze

Grout haze / grout on the tiles

mould on tiles, algae on stone, tile cleaning, stone cleaning

Mould on tiles / algae on stone

tile cleaning, dirty tiles, paint stains on tiles

Paint stains / building debris

rust marks on tiles, rust on tiles, rust stains, rust on stone

Rust marks / rust stains

Scratched tiles, scratched granite

Scratched tile or stone

sealer marks, stone sealer, tile sealer

Sealer marks or visible coatings

non slip, anti slip, slippery tiles

Slippery tiles

spalling, flaking stone, chipping stone, peeling stone

Spalling (flaking or peeling stone)

stained tiles

Stained tiles – isolated staining

stained tiles

Stained Tiles – widespread staining



tile cleaning, textured tile floor before cleaning, dirty tiles

Textured tiles that hold dirt and are hard to clean


Efflorescence (white or yellow crusts)

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